Have the Lambs Stopped Screaming?



A starling? Quiet sheep?

*skeptically glares at Bryan Fuller*

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Will seemed really frustrated that Hannibal doesn’t suck at cooking something that is not people

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Hannibal’s reaction to that social worker emerging from the horse is literally the best thing ever.

(Also his reaction to finding out he was in the horse in the first place.)

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[Bryan Fuller on Margot Verger] In the novel, she’s a very masculine character, who has had years of steroid abuse and is a lesbian, and it was unclear to me in the novel whether she was either transgender or a lesbian as a result of those horrible abuses and that horrible childhood and [Beat.] that’s not how transgenderism or homosexuality works. So I didn’t want to contribute to that misconception of what it is to be transgender or a gay woman. 


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> murder husbands au; 

clickthe gun goes off; will’s sure of it. his thumb, pressed against the trigger, can prove that. but hannibal’s able, strong hands are tightly jammed against the weapon, and he knows hannibal had done the impossible: he’d stopped the gun from firing.

that same hand takes the gun away from his sweaty grip.

william,’ hannibal coos, reaching up to grasp at the side of will’s neck after he’d disposed of the gun with ease, ‘—we had both come to the agreement that i would do the honors of this kill. i warned you, ahead of time, of your punishment, if you failed to comply with my commands and pull the trigger.’

will doesn’t meet his eyes. he can’t.

now. i will clean up this mess; and you, dear william, will head straight for home. take a long, hot shower.’ a pause. then:

take your time and acquaintance yourself very well with the pillows. after all, you will be biting them soon enough. i’ve always enjoyed the simplicity of taking you raw.’ 

and that was that.

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faces of yakimono (2.07)

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Hannibal: If you’re angry, you’re optimistic you can stop this from happening again.

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